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Betting Insider Co.

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Bradley Wills,
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Hi, I’m Jason West. I once believed I’d make my fortune in the property business, taking home sizable sales commissions. I was wrong. After years of disappointment and failure, I’ve finally discovered where the real money is made – On The Race Track!

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Just two years ago I knew nothing about betting. In fact, I’d never placed a bet in my life! But with this method, I started seeing HUGE PROFITS RIGHT AWAY.

During my first day betting, my account balance shot up from £10 to £342!

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

And incredibly, making huge profits from betting took almost no time whatsoever, which meant I could keep my day job until I no longer needed it.

Each morning I’d sit up in bed and turn on my laptop. Then, I’d place a couple of bets online and get on with my day. Each evening, I’d see that my account balance had shot up by a few hundred quid.
It was that easy. I was making MORE THAN £2,500 EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

The hefty profits I made from betting have improved my life no end. In the first couple of weeks, I took my girlfriend out to several fancy restaurants. I bought the latest iPhone, new clothes, new computer, gifts for my nephews… After a couple of months I bought a new sports car, quit my job and we’ve been on six vacations this year!

And there is nothing stopping you from living the same kind of dream life that I’m living right now. DEBT FREE.STRESS FREE.HAPPY.

And rest assured; these tips are legitimate and reliable. I’ve been betting with this method for over 2 years now and only experienced reliable results.

I suppose you’re wondering HOW it’s possible to make SO MUCH money from betting…

It’s surprisingly VERY straightforward…

Each morning you’ll receive an email containing race tips for that day. From there, all you need to do is place those bets online or at your local bookies. Then, enjoy the winnings that follow.

Even a complete novice couldn’t mess this up!

I’d been working for YEARS in my dead end job as a real estate agent. Long gone were my dreams that one day I’d make my fortune from sale commissions. The realities of that job were nothing like my naïve expectations.

In my early 20s, I dreamt of nice cars, fancy clothes and a big house in the countryside. By the time I reached my early 30s I was more than familiar with the drudgery of that industry. I wore a cheap suit, drove a beat up car, spent most of my days in a dingy office and occasionally showed clients around the town, come rain or shine. Then, at the end of each long and depressing day, I’d return to my parents’ house, warm up a microwave meal and watch crappy TV in the box bedroom.

Then one afternoon, at an old school friend’s birthday do, my luck changed forever…

I got chatting to a chap called Adam Parker. He’d been my best friend from the age of eight until we were about 14. We’d watch movies together on weekends and play football after school… but we completely lost touch when he moved away to uni. Turns out, Adam had gone on to become pretty successful…

Adam graduated university with a first in mathematics, following his dissertation on complex algorithms. Since leaving uni, he created a formula that could calculate the outcomes of horse races based on analysis of past results. Currently Adam’s formula predicts the winning horse with more than 70% accuracy.With a formula that incredible, Adam began bringing in five-figures each month!

After making a small fortune for himself, he grew tired of endless parties and decided to help others with his talent. He now makes a living as a horse racing tipster and has more than 200 satisfied members.

I subscribed to Adam’s service that night any my life hasn’t been the same since!

And right now is one of those rare occasions whereby Adam is accepting a select few new members – but for a very short time only.

If I were you I’d get in RIGHT NOW before it’s too late.

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If you’d like to subscribe to Adam’s service then ACT QUICKLY. He only accepts 25 members at every new intake. Those places tend to sell out within just a couple of hours.

That’s not surprising, though. Who wouldn’t want to make an extra £2,500 each week for doing almost NOTHING?!

You’d honestly be mad to pass up this offer.

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… Not to mention that Adam gives new members the chance to sign up with a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

I can’t tell you how much these tips have changed my life and I can’t wait for them to change your life too!
You can do so much with an extra £10,000+ in the bank each month. And you can earn that money from the comfort of your front room.

There is no other way to make so much money from so little effort. Betting is the smart way to make your fortune.

Don’t put this off. Take action now and see more than £300 in your betting account TOMORROW.

To your betting success,

Jason West.

Get Formula Bets Access
For ONly £29.99

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